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Terms & Conditions

Photographic Images

Some images of the diamonds are enlarged at Golay Buchel to better reveal the details, while others are shown smaller to showcase the full item. If you have any questions, requests, or requirements, please contact customer support.

Customized Designs and Special Orders

We are always delighted to meet special requests from our customers, whether it be sizing or styling, or creating a design to your specifications. We respect copyright restrictions at Golay Buchel and will not replicate a copyrighted design, but we will make an acceptable substitute.

Golay Buchel owns all copyrights to all custom-made designs and has the authority to create derivative works based on the designs created during the custom order process. Golay Buchel maintains the right to advertise and sell all custom-made designs and goods.

Errors and Inaccuracies

On our website, Golay Buchel goes above and beyond to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information possible. However, mistakes do happen, whether they are human or mechanical. We reserve the right to make changes and amend information even after an order has been submitted, and we apologize for any trouble this may cause.

Golay Buchel Cubic Zirconia Guarantee 

Subject to normal wear, all Golay Buchel Cubic Zirconia is warranted against any manufacturer's flaw in design or craftsmanship. Under typical wear, Golay Buchel Cubic Zirconia are guaranteed to keep their original brilliance and luster, as well as to resist breaking and chipping. In the odd occasion that this happens, Golay Buchel will undersand the scenario and take punitive action accordingly, depending on the genuinity of the issue. For the guarantee to apply, the original receipt must be shown. Any item that shows signs of abuse or misuse will be excluded from the guarantee. Any and all guarantees, expressed or implied, will be void if work is done by someone other than Golay Buchel.

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