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We Are Golay Buchel India

Largest Importer of Cubic Zirconia By Golay Buchel (GB)

About Golay Buchel India

 "Golay Buchel Trading Company is the only Global Importer of Cubic Zirconia".

History of Cubic Zirconia

The first simulated Cubic Zirconia stones weren’t made to be adorned. They weren’t made to be used in jewellery at all. The first Cubic Zirconia was made in Russia for use in laser technology. Facing a shortage of the natural rubies it needed to generate laser beams at the time, Russia got to work creating an alternative. The result of their research and development was Cubic Zirconia, a stone that is not actually particularly close to a ruby gemologically, but one that has all of the optical qualities the Russian laser tech of the time needed.

Cubic Zirconia by Golay Buchel is a unique output of its long-tail history. With its unique existence in the industry ever since 1887, the brand has always aimed to offer a unique and understandable global fashion vision. Our company's greatness in business is characterized by a culture of perpetual innovation, growth, and progress through Importing fine Quality Cubic Zirconia.

The magnificence, power, and tenacity of Cubic Zirconia have fascinated people all across the world since the dawn of time.  Cubic Zirconia is considered a symbol of love & respect.  It also reflects everlasting feelings by being strong and indestructible. (Cubic Zirconia) by Golay Buchel is an amalgamation of all the afore mentioned characteristics. It's extremely talented designers create designs where every facet of a gemstone tells a story and showcases years of accomplished workmanship, with a focus on trend curation, design, and meaningful branding.

Quality of Our Cubic Zirconia 


Golay Buchel solely employs the original classic Cubic Zirconia, which is only focused & designed to make a huge impact on the quality, longevity, and clarity of the finished gems, even in rough form. Golay Buchel Cubic Zirconia's brilliance is partly dependent on professional cutting and polishing. Our Cubic zirconia has the most facets imaginable, cut at just the correct angle and to just the perfect depth for optimum brilliance.

  • Gb is made from zirconum oxide while others are zirconum silicate and others.

  • Cubic Zirconia by Golay Buchel can be used for wax setting and casting as it can be heated over 1200 degree. and casting is done between 850 to 1000 degree.

  • It's colour proportion is proportionate and consistent.

  • Cut is ideal cut same as diamond with thin to medium girdle.


We pay tremendous attention to precise aspects of our gems to ensure that every piece of Cubic Zirconia is conceived, put together, and artistically crafted to create the most magnificent masterpieces like never before.

Priority is also given to new sizes, colours, and cuts at Golay Buchel. The brand aims to focus on joining hands with more associates.

Golay Buchel Trading Company seeks to enter newer markets with its distinctive services and product offerings while also strengthening its position in the regions where it is already well-established.

Golay Buchel has its hold in various states in India. Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan, TamilNadu, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh are some states we have stockists in.

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