About Us

Golay Buchel's has been in the industry ever since 1887, the brand has always aimed to offer unique and elegant solutions to jewelry manufacturers. Our company values traditions, quality and trust of our customers. Our long history proves that we keep up with the times trying to provide modern technology and products.

* Cubic Zirconia by Golay Buchel can be used for wax setting and casting between 850 to 1000 degree.

*Each of our stones is laser engraved with "GB BRILLIANCE" to guarantee originality of the product.

* Crystals are exceptionally clear with a light blue-tinge.

*Diamond ideal cut with increased girdle which helped to intensify brilliance and glitter of the stones.

High-quality diamond polishing powder guarantees impeccable faceting We pay attention to each and every stage of our production to ensure that every piece of Cubic Zirconia is flawless and durable.

Our Company

Cubic Zirconia is a lab created stone made of zirconium dioxide (ZrO2). The cubic part of the name comes from the fact that the stone has a cubic crystalline form. In the 1970s, scientists in Russia perfected the technique of growing single cubic zirconia crystals. Afterwards the clear, sparkling crystals entered the jewelry market and became a popular affordable and conflict-free alternative to diamonds. Cubic zirconia is completely clear, comparable to the D color rating. Under natural light Cubic zirconia will show more "fire"than diamonds.